What Artificial Intelligence can Help Businesses Manage Their Online Profiles

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A lot of factors go into building a business, but online reputation is a huge part of it. A lot of organizations don’t recognize the role that AI technology can play when it comes to business management, improving customer relationships and managing your business’s online profile.

Customers tend to Google an organization prior to engaging with their services. As such, a company needs to focus on what they offer customers but also on what their online status is. It’s hard to have success with prospective customers when your online profiles don’t promote success. This is one of the reasons they use AI to manage their profiles on Instagram and other platforms.

How Can Your Online Profile Be Affected?

There are a number of different aspects that can affect a company’s online profile. Many organizations can realize great benefits from managing their online profiles in order to support their brand. This is key when it comes to attracting new customers. Fortunately, AI can make it a lot easier for them.

Throughout this article it will be discussed in more detail how different departments in your company can benefit from using artificial intelligence to manage their online profile.

What Impact Can Artificial Intelligence have on Your Businesses Online Profile?

Artificial intelligence technology can have a large impact on how a business manages its online profiles. If you are relying on simple manual tracking processes, then this can be difficult to stay on topic due to the large amounts of online information and data about your business which is out there. Instead, machine learning algorithms can be much more effective when tracking online reviews.

AI systems can help with the overall management of your businesses online profiles in that they can:

  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Help with managing time so your employees’ skills can be used elsewhere
  • Improve the efficiency of your business through the use of business intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help with Managing Online Profiles

So, what are the specific ways that artificial intelligence can help improve business management and more specifically the management of online profiles?

Help Stay on Top of Customer Relations

A lot of businesses are trying to improve the service they offer when it comes to offering customer care. An effective way that this is being achieved is by automating customer support and focus on getting answers to customers all over the world as quickly as possible. This is great for marketing purposes as a satisfied customer can work just as well as ads, given they essentially go on to act as a brand ambassador.

The benefits of providing a positive experience to customers is huge. In doing so you will be ensuring your reputation online remains positive, which is great for acquiring new clients.

Humans can only do so much in the way of helping customers and a lot of companies now find using an AI system to be more effective. Examples as to why include the following:


Chatbots have technology that has been advancing a lot in previous years and they can now effectively provide customer support to people all around the world with efficiency.

These robot advisors can also use machine learning to collect data and identify patterns through the support they offer. Using these repetitive tasks, AI can help in business today by providing solutions to customer queries quickly.

Automated Replies

Robotic process automation means that an automated response to certain queries can be provided. Natural language processing will ensure the response is good, so a customer is able to message a business and get a response immediately.

Content for Personalized Emails

Email marketing can be a very effective way to generate new clients. You can update them on different trends within your industry and use this form of marketing to promote new products and services you offer.

These are much more effective if the content within said emails are catered towards the individual customer but doing this, as you may expect, can be time consuming and complex. Artificial intelligence can use data analytics to understand what a customer is interested in and then cater the email sent to them in light of this. This feature will give your business the competitive edge over others.

Provide Customers with a Personalized Experience

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are able to store a customer’s data, specifically, how they used your site when they visited. This is great when it comes to the development of your relationship with that customer as when they visit again, you can make their experience on your website more personalized.

Providing a personal experience is key because it helps your clients feel less like a client and more like a valued member of your business. It means that in the future, they are going to be a lot more likely to come back to your site, bearing in mind the personal experience that they received.

Create a Positive Word of Mouth

Marketers use their skills and spend a great deal of time pondering over the most effective way to get a product in front of customers. There are several means available but simple word of mouth is one of the most effective solutions out there.

When people take to the web and talk positively of your business, they are making it a lot more likely people will engage further with your organization as they can see a trusted review of what you do.

AI can help with business management as it will keep an eye out for what people are saying about your business. As such, you can promote positive reviews and then also see to the grievances quickly of negative reviews. Having quick access to this data is crucial for the future development of your business as it means you will be able to build a positive reputation online which will help draw in more clients.

Assist With Social Media Marketing

A large demand for different products and services now comes because of what people see on social media. As such, when it comes to business development, having a presence online is very important. Building such presence is time consuming.

AI can help process large amounts of data and complete tedious tasks that pertain to social media, which marketers would normally have to do previously. Employees will no longer need to worry about carrying out the tasks that they will have had to do previously in an effort to build on their business’ social presence.

The Creation of Content on Social Media

Artificial intelligence can use deep learning as a means to create automatically generate content for their social media page. This process is done by ai systems that can automate the sharing of content across channels, including all the necessary hashtags in the process. It can also schedule when to post such content with a degree of accuracy better than that which humans can deliver.

Social Media Listening

Machine learning can also listen out what people are saying about a brand on social media and collect that data. When this is relayed back to you, you are going to be in a much better position to work out how you effectively alter your online image to help with sales.

When all of the data collected here is used effectively, you will be able to:

  • Keep track of all of the different mentions of your brand around the world
  • Help to identify patterns and understand emerging trends
  • Discover new audiences
  • Keep a hold on what your brands reputation is like

Finding Influencers

Having a good influencer can help build your brand on social media and artificial intelligence ca assist with discovering which you should use. It will collect data on influencer platforms so that you have a better understanding of who gets the most engagement and as such, who can help your brand more.

How Can You Get Started Using Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has come a very long way in the past decade to the point that it can now be used as an effective means for a business to manage their online profiles. This means on social media and also with general business management as it becomes easy to see how they are perceived by potential customers online.

If you would like to begin using artificial intelligence for these reasons, then you should consider enlisting the help of a business such as Yoono. Yoono are able to use artificial intelligence as a means to understand how your business is being perceived and as such, help you understand what your future marketing strategies need to focus on to improve your reputation.

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