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Artificial intelligence technology has been instrumental in driving many important changes in our daily lives. We use a ton of online tools and mobile apps that rely heavily on AI technology.

How important has AI been in transforming mobile apps and online tools? One study from Gartner found that it increased 270% between 2015 and 2019.

Online time tracking apps are among those that use AI technology to improve the customer experience and offer the best service. Tools like TimesheetKiller and use sophisticated AI algorithms to provide the best time tracking services. was considered one of the leading breakthroughs in AI-driven productivity tools, but there are now a number of others on the market that are at least as good.

Here are some of the reasons that AI technology is essential for time tracking tools:

  • These tools have AI algorithms can analyze your work patterns and schedules to identify regular commitments. They can give you the option to block out a specific time each week for these commitments. The more complex ones have AI algorithms that can identify less regular appointments, such as those that take place every other month.
  • They are using artificial intelligence to get a better sense of the time commitment for each project or appointment. They can let you know how much time it is likely to last based on previous data points, which allows you to see how much time you have left to allocate for other issues.
  • AI technology makes it easier to improve the general interface of the app, so you can enjoy a better user experience.
  • These tools also use AI to streamline reporting, which can also be used to improve billing for clients. We discussed this in our post 5 Massively Important AI Benefits in Time Tracking Applications.

AI technology has really changed the state of time-tracking apps. You will want to be aware of the apps on the market and the AI features that they provide.

Best online time tracker apps that use AI

Time tracking apps refer to the software that helps record the time spent on a particular website, project, and application. Time tracking software helps individuals and businesses record the timing and computer activities. These apps are designed to make work more productive and within your financial limits by using sophisticated AI algorithms. AI technology has largely helped eliminate the need for cumbersome timesheets that most other time tracking services used to require.

There is an element of accuracy with manual time tracking software, which is getting better as AI algorithms become more adapt at understanding these functions. Manual time entries often lead to time theft which hampers the project budget and deadlines. Online time tracking apps that use the latest AI algorithms bring immense benefits to society by reducing expenses, helping with invoices, improving workflow, and avoiding distractions.

Here are some of the best time tracking apps that use AI technology.


This app is ideal for large business organizations. This app comes with 4 pricing plans –

  • Basic plan with $17per month.
  • Standard plan with $26each month.
  • Pro plan with $39 per month.
  • Enterprise plan.

It also gives a free trial. offers you all in one solution, consisting of a time tracking module. You can easily track time anytime and anywhere with accurate time frames. You get to know what your employees are working on and on what.

AI technology has really made the app very impressive. Some of the AI features are as follows:

  • provides data-driven decisions which help you to develop flexible reports.
  • It helps you to integrate with useful and favorite tools if yours.
  • It offers insights into the time spent on each task and project.
  • It offers a mobile application to help you in tracking time anytime and anywhere you want.
  • This software comes with sophisticated and smart features that help you in setting smart reminders, and you get quickly notified.
  • According to its website, it uses artitificial intelligence to help make decisions based on context, which reduces wasted time and boosts productivity. is one of the best time tracking apps that uses AI technology.

#2) Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch

This software is best suited for both small and large businesses. It comes with two price plans-

  • Time and attendance along with schedule plan for $35 each month.
  • Time and attendance plan for $25 every month.

Apart from the pricing plans, you also get annual and monthly billing options and a 30days free trial feature.

This AI employee time tracking tool has great functionalities such as vacation tracking, GPS tracking, and set a reminder. In addition to using sophisticated AI features, it also stores data on the cloud. This software is a web-based solution that offers a customizable interface. You get help from Buddy Punch in employee management, scheduling, and monitoring. This software comes with the ability to the automatic split working hours into double-time, overtime, and regular time. The AI-based features of this software include-

  • Unique QR codes and facial recognition options for logins.
  • It helps in setting unique overtime rules based on per employee.
  • It comes with many features like tracking time, GPS tracking for job codes, and project.
  • Schedule employee time off with its built-in calendar.
  • There is an automatic brake feature that helps in creating and assigning a rule to any employee.

#3) Time Doctor

This app is best suited for remote teams. It comes with a single pricing plan for $9.99 each month and a free trial option for 14days. This employee tracking software features monitoring apps, websites, and screenshots. It follows both automatic and manual tracking. Other options include webcam shots, attendance tracking, and GPS tracking. There are the following features AI helps bring to this app:

  • Integration with many management platforms.
  • Screenshot monitoring facility.
  • It helps track time and breaks the time spent on tasks, clients, and projects.
  • Client access with no extra cost.

#4) Homebase

This app is suitable for both teams and individuals. There are four pricing plans: A free basic plan, an essential plan with $16 each month, Plus plan with $40 per month, and an Enterprise plan with $80 per month. A free trial option comes for 14days. This time tracking can be used for any device. Some options included in this app are Team Messaging, Manager Training, Chats, Email support, and Payroll expert. Following are the best features of this app-.

  • Enables managers in editing time.
  • Offers GPS Based clock in such off-site workers can also use it.
  • This software doesn’t require you to remember passwords and usernames by enabling PIN-based entry.

#5) TSheets

This app can be used by enterprises, freelancers, and even small businesses. There are three pricing plans –

  • A free plan for self-employed ones.
  • Small businesses plan for $4 each month.
  • Enterprise plan for $4 each month.

It also offers a free trial option. With TimeSheets, you can easily track time. Other sophisticated options include PIN-based entry, Alerts, Mobile App, and GPS tracking. Both teams and individuals can use TSheets. Some of the ways that this app uses AI to offer better service to customers include:

  • Offers reminders and alerts.
  • PIN-based entry.
  • GPS time tracking tool.
  • Employee scheduling feature.
  • Easy tracking the employee paid time off.

#6) ClickTime

ClickTime is another app that uses complex AI algorithms to offer better service to customers. It is a great time management tool for any organization that wants to leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

There are four pricing plans with this app. A starter plan with $9 per person each month. A team plan with $12 per person each month, a premier plan of $24 per person each month, and an enterprise plan. A free trial option is also available for both team and starter plans. This online app provides you with project visibility within your budget. ClickTime is also a customizable and perfect solution for consultants, universities, agencies, IT architects, etc.

The AI features include the following-

  • Offers real-time insight and data for various projects.
  • Using the mobile app, you take also take the receipt picture.
  • Offers sophisticated features for executives, managers, and employees.
  • Mobile timesheet.
  • Allows you to track time on your laptop or phone.

#7) DeskTime

This online time tracking software is automated with AI and comes with 2pricing plans –

  • Lite plan is designed for individuals and comes for free.
  • Pro plan, which may cost you $7.

This online software gives a complete overview of how the team is working. You can use this software both on mobile phones as well. As on desktops. It supports operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. The features of DeskTime include the following-

  • This software provides auto screenshots with artificial intelligence.
  • Allows you to download, send and customize CSV reports through AI-driven AI.
  • It will offer insights into websites and apps used by employees.

#8) Paymo

This is good for freelancers and small and large businesses. There are two pricing plans: the business and the small office plans. It is built with functionality that captures work incomplete details. It offers a desktop widget, web timer, and mobile apps. The timesheet settings of Paymo are also customizable.

AI Helps with Time Tracking Tools

AI technology has helped improve productivity and offered many other benefits to organizations around the world, such as improved scalability. One of the best applications of AI is with time tracking tools. The aforementioned tools use AI to help keep track of time and provide better reports.

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